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Logic Pro X APTS book: Difference between Lesson 7 templates


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Hey Dave, just thought I'd add here and ask a question about Chapter 7 and the difference the Template made when trying to follow the lesson. Curious what's different between your Logic "New Project" template compared to Logic's own default template. Accidentally followed the lesson up until the Tempo Sets portion. After putting turning flex mode on and switching over to the "Accelerando" set I noticed the loops played unnaturally at least to how it was displayed in the arrange. Then when retracing my steps with your template it fixed the issue and played as it should. Was just curious if this was a glitch on Logic's part or if you did/fixed something and I should change out Logic's default for your template. Hope this reaches you! Cheers. :)
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Hey Fadefusionpdx and Jordi,

Thanks for the post and comments on this. I was going crazy once I got to this chapter in Davids book, thinking I was doing something wrong over and over again. I was having the exact same problem.


Fadefusionpdx... I do have a question about the templates that you have mentioned in your original post that was directed at David:

You said: "Curious what's different between your Logic "New Project" template compared to Logic's own default template"


I don't see a "New Project" template included with the books downloaded files. I was wondering: Where I can get the template provided by David?




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