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MIDI interface weirdness

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Hey there


After updating my system to Mavericks and Logic X, I'm experiencing an odd MIDI moment. My old but trusty MIDI interface, and Edirol UM-1SX, now sends note messages but no sustain pedal and no mod wheel data; the event list confirms this. (Yes--I updated the driver.) However, if I plug my keyboard synth/controller (a Yamaha S08) into my RME Fireface UC's MIDI cables the sustain pedal and mod wheel sends the appropriate information. I'm changing nothing on the keyboard when I switch from one interface to the other, and if I plug phones directly into the back of the keyboard the pedal acts as expected.


I can just use the Fireface's midi, but it seems weird that the Edirol is not sending the sustain or mod wheel messages. Any ideas? This sort of stuff drives me batty.



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