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Audio Continues a Moment After Pressing Stop

Alexander Arntzen

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I'm running Logic X 10.0.7, however the issue I'm having started a version or two before this. I thought an update would fix it, but it hasn't and I'd like to get to the bottom of this once and for all.


I have a new late 2013 Mac Pro 8 core 64 GB RAM, so performance shouldn't be an issue here.


I'm not sure if this happened just after installing VEP 5, but once I started playing things back, when I press stop, the Playhead stops exactly where I press it, and so does the bar info and SMPTE, but the audio will play a little further after and then stop. This is with virtual instruments and audio tracks alike.


Even in a blank session without VEP or Kontakt or any other plug-in but a logic loop or virtual instrument it will still playback a little after I press stop. When I press play again, it will start where the playhead ended, not later where the audio ended. It only lasts for less than a second, but after a while it gets very annoying. I've talked with a lot of people and no one has every heard of this issue. I've even uninstalled VEP 5, used the computer core audio not my duet, reinstalled logic x, signed in as a guest user, and nothing seems to works. Thanks for reading this. If you have any thoughts please let me know. Thanks! Talk soon.


- Alex

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