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Assigning effects to faders and knobs on MPD26?


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Hi, i am using an akai mpd26 with logic pro x and i am trying to assign different eq frequencies etc to my faders and knobs. I am also trying to do the same with the effects in exs24. The problem is i am unable to get the effects to be heard with my sampler instrument. i am unable to hear any change, i have tried using automation and still no luck. Please help!



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Yes that's right it's not the mpd I don't think.. Examples of faders and knobs I try to move are filter cutoff, different frequencie modes also drive in automation mode. Also I forgot to say that when I move the eq levels I hear a difference in sound but when I assign (for example) the purple frequency to a fader, the pattern of the line does not move in the way I would like.
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