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Mystery volume automation


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I've got a fader moving on a track at a particular point.and I can't seem to find the automation controlling it. The fader moves when it passes that point when in Play, and when stopped if I put the play head before the point it goes down, and it is put I after it goes up. There's no cc7 automation in the midi region, and there's no volume automation on the track itself. Is there some other place this automation could be?
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I found the automation in the events list. Does some automation, or all automation you enter in the events list not show up in the midi draw (hyper draw) area? Maybe I entered it originally in the events list? Seems unlikely though, as it was volume, midi cc7 data...
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My guess here is that the CC was accidentally entered on one channel, and your MIDI Draw or track based automation was displaying different channels.


I'm not aware of any scenario where common MIDI data could not be represented in MIDI draw (especially volume), but it can go un-displayed quite easily if the MIDI Draw lane is showing the wrong channel.


A good diagnostic here is MIDI Draw: autodefine. That's a key command that steps through the selected region (from Piano Roll, for example, with MDI Draw enabled). In a round robin cycle, the KC will course through and display all CC's (and notes. sustains, etc.) embedded in the region on any channel.


The default key command is COMMAND Y.

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Thank you! I didn't know about auto define, I'll have a look at that straight away.


I am finding that midi draw data sometimes shows up and sometimes not. Often if I turn it off, then turn it back on again, the data shows up. Sigh.


thanks again!

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