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How to set a default vibrato, or change all to a set vibrato


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Hi, I had a question... Is there any way to change all of the sections within an audio flex section to the same vibrato? I know you can select all the notes, and adjust them all, up or down, by the same amount, but is there any way to set them all to one level, without doing them all individually? Sorry if I'm confusing...


Here's what I'm doing. I recorded my voice, but I really can't sing all that well. I can mask it well enough by removing all of the vibrato and using pitch correction. But, to remove the vibrato, it looks like I have to change all the sections' vibratos individually. If I select all, and change the vibrato for all, say one is at 3%, and another is at 5%, if I reduce the vibrato by 5%, the second one will be perfectly at zero, but the 1st one with be vibrato -2%.


I know you can set a default for there things similarly with MIDI instruments, like velocity, so I was wondering if I could somehow do this here. I wasn't able to find anything helpful in Logic, or online, so here I am. :D


Thanks so much! God bless you~~

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