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Just A Quick Metronome Question


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Kind of embarrassed to ask because I'm sure the solution is simple. I want to have the metronome click my tempo for only about the first three or four measures of the recording and then stop clicking. I want to maintain my own internal human tempo for the rest of the recording after that. I only need it as a guide to lead me off. How do I set it that way?
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Don't be too embarrassed, as there's no key command or menu item for this. As a work-around, you can assign the Click Object to a track, then automate the mute. In this example, the metronome would be heard for three bars, sound the downbeat on the fourth bar and then fall silent.




Note: the Metronome button must be on. The automation does not toggle the button. It only mutes an object that is otherwise heard.

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Thanks Plowman. I was thinking something like that but I just wondered if there was another way that didn't require me to create another track header. I suppose using this method you could also automate the tempo to increase/decrease at certain points throughout the song. Thanks for the reply. I will use this method.
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