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CPU spikes and notes are cutting off (signal goes out)


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I am at the beginning of a project, only one instrument being used (SampleTank, from external HD) on a single track, no effects or plug-ins. When I hit a big chord, the CPU spikes and I only hear some of the notes sound. Likewise, when I arpeggiate and hold out the notes, after a couple notes, the previous notes cut out as if the signal has been cut short.


I have tried:


Starting a new project.

Using instruments from internal HD.

Adding Compressor.

Re-registering third party instrument platform.


I can't think of what else to do. I'm not even sure if I'm asking the right questions!


By the way, when I use a Logic instrument, it seems to work fine.


This is probably a really amateur and beginner's question. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!



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