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Hissing sound when recording audio tracks


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Hi everyone,


I have a big problem with hissing sound when I record audio tracks with Logic Pro X. I have only owned Logic Pro X for about two weeks now and for the first few days the software was recording audio tracks fine without any hissing sound at all. Then one morning I woke up and I tried to record an audio track and as soon as I hit the record button on Logic Pro X i heard a hissing sound.


The only change in the software during this time occurred a few days ago when I installed the latest Logic Pro X update. Could this have given me the problems with the hissing sound when recording audio tracks? When installing the latest Logic Pro X update I decided to uninstall the original Logic Pro X software from my Applications folder as I was experiencing other problems with it and then installed the software again with the latest update included.


I am using:


Logic Pro X - 10.0.7

Audio Interface - Steinberg UR22

Apple Imac - 2 TB Hard Drive, 16 MB Ram. 3.6 Ghz Intel Core i5 processor


Many thanks.

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I just wanted to edit this post because the instructions I was given by the Apple support did NOT resolve the issue of hissing when I am recording audio tracks on Logic Pro X. As I mentioned earlier all of these problems started when I installed the latest Logic Pro X update.


Any advice about what could be causing this hissing sound when I record Audio Tracks would be gratefully received.


Many thanks.

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