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Pitch and time issues with flex time


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I recently opened up a project that i had been working on and all of the vocal samples including a few percussion samples had been pitched and slowed down to extremes too where they all sounded like darth vader.Idk if i hit some kind of strange hot key or what. Please help if been going nuts for days trying to figure this out and get everything back to its original state.
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Ah yes, such is the problem whenever things glitch. Unfortunately, unless you save every couple of actions (which is what I do, command+S becomes very natural), it is very difficult to get the products of a glitch fixed. What you can do is open an old file and a new file separately, take the audio files from the old file, import them into the new file, and work from there. Definitely not ideal, especially if you had recorded a bit more since you last saved, but sometimes it is the best you can do.
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