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10.0.7: MIDI draw not updating realtime issue [FIXED]

Simon R.

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I was so happy to see MIDI draw has become much more responsive with the latest update but I have an issue with it. If I use the consilidated window Piano Roll, dragging points and envelopes will be updated in realtime. However, if I do this in a separate Piano Roll window, it will just show a line while dragging the point(s) and then only update the movement when I release the mouse.


Either this is a bug or it can be changed via an option because I remember that it DID work realtime after fiddling around a bit in a project. But now it doesn't and I can't seem to find any options to suggest this can be changed.... Anyone?

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Any of you who have contact with anybody on the Logic (testing) team who can bring this forward? This will again prevent me from going from 9 to X and it's a real shame as I see a lot of other improvements in X, but I use MIDI draw editing a lot while composing so it's a real deal breaker.
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I'm having same problem so glad it's been reported! thanks!


But meanwhile quick question for you all- when you automate in the main window's piano roll (ie not separate window) the line does move as I move the pointer, but is it normal that when I click on a node to move it, the whole area turns dark green above the automation line, the line itself stays white and below the line is a paler/shaded green, whilst losing all the grid lines...?



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Confirmed here as well. I hadn't started any projects since the update till a couple of weeks ago (was busy working on my car hobby) and then got hired for some game music. I thought it was just my old template but glad in a way it isn't just me. I always use a separate window for editing and didn't know it works on the consolidated one. Good to know.
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