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Logic X making buzzing/beeping sound!! please help!!


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my logic X started unexpectedly making this strange buzzing/beeping sound on a single element in my track.. i've saved 70 copies of this song along the way and have tried earlier versions where i know there wasn't that problem, and the problem is now occuring on those as well! i've attached a short blip of the sound i'm hearing.. please help! in a hurry to release this track! thanks!



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nope! the only things on the channel are izotope Alloy 2 (purchased) and sound toys decapitator (purchased).. i've tried turning them off and that doesn't do anything.. also, there's no hidden automation or hidden tracks that could be causing it.. i've tried clearing the AU cache and re-scanning..


it's weird because i just had brought in a new track and found the original sample again on my computer (which was still okay), brought it into a fresh audio channel, tested it as working.. and then added decapitator and alloy again, made sure there weren't any "crazy" parameters causing it and there weren't.. and now it's happening again on the new channel..


if you listen closely you can still hear my original sample of a rimshot under the buzzing/beeping sound

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