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HELP and advice on amping into logic directly


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Hi. I have a macbook pro and logic pro 9. I have been recording my guitar into logic literally using a jack reducer directly from my pedal into the input of my laptop and it has worked wonderfully. However, I bought a sure SM58 and want to do vocals. I have no money to buy a preamp and have been experimenting with what stuff i have to boost the mic signal into logic. This is where i think I have just really messed something up! like a complete idiot (or novice I guess) i grabbed my 150 watt amp head a whacked the mic through the preamp input on in and into logic using the pre amp out. Which worked pretty nicely actually. THEN i thought id JUST try it through the speaker out into my mac to see what happens and it has killed my laptop. I have no sound whatsoever not even the chime it makes when the mac starts up. Ive been on the phone with apple support for hours unsuccessfully. Then the sound randomly came back! then it went again. Then it came back again! what is going on and have i actually messed it up throwing the amp straight into logic?
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