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Newbie to Logic, DAW's in general; recordings segmented


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Hey guys,


I'm new to Logic; I was laying down a drum track the other day and it recorded just fine; the only issue is that it split the track up into more than 30 parts. Moreover, when I try to listen to the entire track, it just repeats one segment which is probably no more than four measures.


Does anybody know how to create a file whereby the track does not get broken up into groups and records as just one long track. For instance, instead of a track lasting 3:14 getting broken up into 32 different parts, how can I record a track without it getting automatically segmented.


I'm using Logic Pro X through a 2010-era MacBook running OSX version 10.9.2. If anybody knows why this is happening, how to correct it, and if anybody knows what misstep I'm making, I would appreciate your input very much.




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Well it appears that I deleted the file, probably out of frustration; once I get home from work at around 6 pm Eastern Time, I'll record a little something and take that screenshot to show you what's happening. Thanks in advance for your help!
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