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EXS editor opening as if automation is telling it to open


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At a specific point (and two respective points where I've copied that section) in a song I'm working on, the EXS editor for one of the tracks pops open as if its been automated to do so.


The only automation on the track is a filter sweep, but there does appear to be another automation line running under the track (probably from where I copied something from one track to another) that I cannot access.


Anyone know specifically what automation would cause the EXS editor to open, and how to turn it off? Its quite distracting and causes problems when I'm clicking on one thing and suddenly the editor pops up right where my mouse is clicking.

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Not just him, here I am in LPX, and suddenly an EXS editor opens and dialog says ''' this is not an exs instrument''' or some hellish thing.


Remind me how to end this?...please...I thought we fixed it already but I searched and didn't find the thread. best,



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