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audio playback of samples in browser [FIXED]


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seems like there is a bug now in 10.0.7 that when trying to scroll through samples you have to hit play each time. this is incredibly annoying and slows down workflow so bad! if you scroll up or down when the audio file is currently still playing, the next one will then play just fine. if you let the file completely finish playing the preview, then you have to hit play each time. so if you're scrolling through kick samples that are quite short, you have to hit the play button on each sample! this is a huge problem! anyone know a fix?
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Hi Guys


Remember when you are browsing samples on Logic Pro, (at least 9.1.8) in the upper right corner in browser, it should be selected the three horizontal lines button instead of the table; that will let Logic know you a pre browsing samples instead of folders.


playback mode for that is set automaticly by the engine..


i hope this would help you, and i hope is not to late.......


Best Regards

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