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Need Some Serious Help!!! Environment Request???


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whats up


i've been making beats on my logic 7 pro for a while now.. im just too stupid to figure out how to hook up my korg triton thru the digi002 interface so i can get my 16 channels goin. simply put, i dont know how to connect my external keyboard to logic with the environment. i just been recording all the sounds off the triton on audio tracks live but i wanna have more control over the whole process of making my tracks. i got my midi ins and outs on both, my interface and triton, hooked up, tried to get it goin... couldnt tho, so im just usin the triton as a controller for now.


this is pissing me off lol.


could someone lemme know how i gotta set up my environment for that specific set-up?? maybe even send me the environment file for it??

and also, how would i make tracks for an external module/midi device??


any help is appreciated

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thanks for the help man


the link to the environment u gave me works somewhat. i can now hear the tritons sounds now without having an audio track record enabled. then i record on the track (with sound) and when i play it back theres no sound....whats wrong now??

i dont get it lol...

and im lookin thru a lotta other threads too right now too

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