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flex enabled regions play back transposed


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Hi, my singer just threw something at me!!! - each region we cut and added to the (flex enabled) comp track to fine-tweak plays back transposed +7. I had to select 'flex' OFF each time, but now can't flex edit her vocal. Where do I fix this please?



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Hi - been a while, but no, that was not able to solve the problem.


1) Add the region to a track that does not have Flex enabled.

2) Select the region and choose Edit > Tempo > Export Tempo Information to Audio File.

3) Drag the region to the track that has Flex enabled.


David obviously 'FLEX PITCH' is the only flex that causes this transposition.

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I have found Flex in LPX full of both good and bad things.. My suggestion would be save the session with a new name, delete the files from that session and reimport them in the audio bin. Unlike LP9, with the flex menu, there is no "OFf" setting. Very disturbing. You can turn off flex in the inspector per region, but it seems that once flexed, that track for ever flexes whatever file is recorded or moved into that track. Lame!


Or go back to LP9 and use melodyne like I'm doing…

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New info: regions of audio assembled in a comp vocal. no apparent distinction between them as to record settings etc. however, one has transpose option (and plays back properly) the other has the transpose line in the inspector as follows


- -


and plays back eccentrically high. ANY help appreciated, even if it's yes, known bug...dave

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