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WHY does my ultrabeat not come with a Drum Bank?! (scrnsht)


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I typically make hip hop/rap beats that are pretty trippy and unique. I am just dipping my foot in the waters of dubstep -- I noticed that my ultrabeat drum kits are VERY limited. I have seen others with the same version of Logic 9 who have a "Drum Bank" which includes WAYYY more kits. I am specifically interested in using the "Ghost Town" kit. People say it is included, but as you can see its not there :(

Please help me find !!!! :)


Thanks so much

Namaste :mrgreen:


my drum kits, no bank, very few kits


drum kits included on others Logic 9 ultrabeat, notice "Drum Bank" & wayyyyy more kits

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Why is your ultrabeat showing that you have loaded a preset called 'EVP88 Electric Piano?'

EVP88 Electric Piano was a setting that was loaded on the channel strip, and thus the name given to the channel strip. Then later the user changed the EVP88 instrument into an Ultrabeat instrument, which does not update the name of the channel strip - which remains EVP88 Electric Piano.

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