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Logic Workflow & Keeping Up With The Jones


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My name is Yanick Vincent and I am a composer out in LA area. I am currently working on a TV show (trying to get pieces in). I am always trying look for ways to improve upon workflow. I wanted to know a few things from you (if you would share):

1) What version of Logic do you mostly use when you are working on projects?

I am curious because all the current bugs in Logic X & Kontakt seems to be a constant battle with workflow for me. Which leads me to a question in regards to how you use kontakt?

2) Do you use Kontakt old school way (16 multi instrument midi cabled to inst. etc) or new school Multi Timbral. I ask this with the on going issue with the way logic spreads the old across cores.

which leads me to my next question:

3) do you establish Logic templates that you refer to for various projects or do you piece meal as you go along? If so, would you be willing to share one with me to learn from; how you go about routing things etc.


i am asking these question because I am running into issues of computer resources. I have some possible solutions that I am aware of and perhaps you could share some suggestion for me.

I have a 2008 early Jan Mac pro with 20g ram. All bays are using sata drives which I know these can be upgraded to solid state drive but is not cheap. I was thinking of at least starting with upgrading my Main Drive to solid state if that would give me some more punch.

Also my other bays if theres an proper way of setting up these drive to balance load with various libraries to stream. Or if to get a card of some sort to use a type of external Raid system or to stick with internal bays?


Something else i am wondering is if its worth it to upgrade my video card. Would upgrading give me some more juice? I current have the lowest standard card at the time (ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256 MB).


Overall I am pondering how much more time I have using this computer being 6 years old and with Logic and Os requiring more cpu ( i have not upgraded to Mavericks because I am uncertain about bugs and sucking more resources etc).

should I aim at upgrading the computer (more ram, solid state drive) or by new computer. Of course everyone wants the latest and greatest. however I currently don't have the finances to buy new MacPro computer. i have friends that are saying the new mac mini are fantastic ( I saw you have one) This is more realistic for me but how to set it up? Do I link the mac mini to my current mac pro and use mac pro as a slave? Or get rid of Mac Pro. ( so many questions and decisions… the pain I am dealing with) jk

these are my question that I am seeking guidance for.


Thank you for your time and any help will be greatly appreciated


Yanick Vincent

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