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Aggregate Devices not playing together


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I have 3 Audio devices setup as an Aggregate Device. When selected in Logic, only one device will play, and to get another one to play I need to unplug the currently playing device.


They ALL *will* play through the Aggregate Device, they just won't play together :|


Any help?



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Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly, but... the whole point of an aggregate device is that it allows you to combine several hardware devices into one virtual device, containing the different hardware options.

You can only use 1 device at a time, if you want to use 'm all three you have to combine them together in one aggregate device.



Later edit: I now think you mean you have three audio devices combined into one aggdev. Is that right? And not each device in a separate aggdev? (which is how I read it at first)

Could you post a similar screenshot of your setup? And show the input and outputs dropdown on a Logic Audio Channel Strip to see if all in- and outputs are available?




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Thought I posted this earlier... anyway:


Thanks so much! Its all in which Input I'm selecting actually.. with some strange results because some instruments take up several inputs and some Inputs on the channel are all the sounds, sometimes not... But usually everything works on a fresh track.



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