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copy/pasting automation to diff tracks/parameters 10.0.7


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hi everyone. can someone please explain how to copy and paste automation to different instruments or a different parameter within the same instrument in 10.0.7. it seems like it doesn't work like it used to in the past.


for example - if i have two instances of native instruments massive on two different tracks and i want to copy the filter cutoff from one track to the other, even when i have the correct automation lane selected, logic creates the pasted automation on an empty slot. i have found a work around by going into the event list and rerouting the automation that way, but i'm sure this used to be a lot easier in logic 9.


is there a new way that i can consistently do this without having to spend time in the event list every time, or is this a known bug? could someone try this out for me and see if they have the same problem? cheers.

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nice one but that still doesn't solve the fact that it copies automation to an empty lane when you try to copy and paste to a different track. i wonder if this is a known bug or if this is the way they want to do things now? that way you've shown me is really nice though because once the automation is pasted to the empty lane, i can just use that little shortcut. thanks a lot.
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