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Shift return not working now in 10.0.7 [FIXED in 10.1]


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Hi All,


I tried searching to see if anyone else has this behaviour. Anyway, since I updated to 10.0.7, I discovered a new issue. My old way of going to selected start of track is no longer working. Since I have done it this way since Logic 7, it was always default, it's really messing me up on my sessions. Old way FYI for those who forgot is Shift return.


I did go into keybind edit, to be honest the whole setup of that scares the crap out of me :). And at the moment, I THINK, it shows a ctrl and left angled arrow which I have no idea what that is... Help an old guy out.


Thanks for help in advance.



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Hi Eric,


many thanks!


it shows a ctrl and left angled


That's Control-Return.


Problem is that the new default for Rename Track is assigned to the same thing and takes priority.

Try learning it by Key position. There is a bug where some key commands still stick even when removing them.


What I still don't get is why did it change when I left as default, and has been working fine up until 10.0.7. Still should be shift enter as it always was.. anyway, now that I know, I can at least cope :D.





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