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The Ice Cream Truck song sound

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That's not the music for 'Mr Softee' ice cream.

It is the theme adopted by the other 'racist' ice cream truck. 'Turkey In The Straw,' 'Do Your Ears Hang Low,' and the 1916 original version that is politically incorrect to mention here (but for the sake of education, I will.)



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Thank you for the thoughts. I am very close to having the sound I want. But I can not figure out how to make one sound go away. Please listen to the link below. The first note has a hard hit as along with a few other notes here and there. HOW DO I MAKE THAT STOP?!?!?!?! I am using the Analog Deep Bass patch that uses the ES2. Can someone guide me to the setting I need to tweak to make all of the "hard hitting notes" sound like the others??





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