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Spectrum (Mutli)analyzer

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Hello everyone


Does anyone of you uses spectrum analyzer, which shows simultaneously on the one screen spectrum of different tracks , or groups, and works great with LPX (different colour for each track, group) ? I found Voxengo Span, but with a few reviews, I see that the work of LPX and multiple graphs is difficult when it comes about routing etc. If I am wrong I would ask the opinion of someone who uses it in the way I'm looking for. Or any another good analyzer ? (could be paid, but if anyone knows an interesting free ... :) )


Any opinions ?

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iZotope RX 3 comes with a spectrum analyzer.


Mike Thornton has a video on YouTube that describes it. While he is talking about RX 2, I don't think that this feature has changed in RX 3:


The problem is that RX 3 is $349 - well worth it if you need/want the tools it offers (personally, I use RX 3 Advanced and consider it money well spent), but I don't know your application and I certainly wouldn't buy it just for spectrum analysis.

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