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Midi Device keeps looping?

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Hey all,

I've got an issue: In Logic Pro X, my MIDI interface/keyboard setup keeps sustaining or looping when I press multiple keys at the same time. For example, if I play a C and then hit a D while the C is still depressed, either one or both notes sustains until I switch to another patch in Logic. This happens with all keys on all octaves, so it shouldn't be a keyboard issue I hope? I'm using one of these cheap interfaces from Amazon:


What could potentially be the issue? I'll see if I can borrow a higher end interface from work and maybe that will solve my issues, but if not, then I'll try using a friend's keyboard or controller.



Eren Semonik

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Have you tried setting you MIDI controller (keyboard) MIDI mode setting to Local Off?

If above irrelevant then, in Logic try disabling all control surface.

If that does not work either, check in the Apple Audio MIDI Setup app window if a proper MIDI interface is there and working correctly (normally present and not greyed out).

If all of the above is not helping, consider testing with another MIDI interface.

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That's your problem right there. Those are notorious for being useless junk :) . Do yourself a favor and get something decent. I recommend the Roland UM-ONE (I use one and it works great...I don't work for Roland).



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