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Hello again!




I'm banging along on my DD-55 and Roland KD-8 bass drum trigger, things sound good but not great - I'm a bit of the clock as it were...


So my tempo is swaying off the beat and I go to my quantize function, after selecting a myriad of different choices i.e., 1/16th 1/32nd etc I notice that the notes have shifted visually in MIDI but there is very little difference in the timing.


I'm not a drummer and I have very little knowledge of theory, but I can pound out a pretty steady beat - why isn't this just a simple snap function and wala I'm playing in-time?


If you like a can post the file but I guess you'd need BFD or the like.


Thanks Logic-ers! :wink:

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You said "I notice that the notes have shifted visually in MIDI but there is very little difference in the timing" - if the notes are moving in the matrix then you should be able to hear their positions changing too. Is that what you meant?


It's hard to get exactly what you mean without seeing "before and after" examples, but the thing to remember is that quantizing will move each note event to the NEAREST division in the beat. In other words, if you're playing 16ths on the hi-hat for example, selecting a quantize value of 1/16 will move each hi-hat to the nearest 16th. If you've managed to play a hit way too early, it'll snap to the 16th before the one you intended. Does that make sense? Just like when you use automatic pitch correction on a vocal, if you try to sing a C but actually it's closer to a B, then pitch correction software will tune you to a B.


It's important to use the correct quantize value - if you are playing 16ths, then quantizing to 8th notes will be too coarse, but quantizing to 32nds or 64ths may mean that some hits end up moving to the wrong position.


So it's a combination of selecting the right quantize value, and playing near enough the right timing! I may have completely misunderstood your question though...

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So I guess I need to quanitize each element of the drum kit to a different value?


Hi-hats to a 16th note snap, snare drum to a 1/8th note snap and the bass drum to a quarter note snap?


Bloody complicated! - lol


I thought I could just select the quanitize function and it could smart shift per occurrence.


If I posted the file would that help?

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What you are describing would work - in a perfect world you'll play everything perfectly anyway, but in a near-perfect world you can quantize your whole drum part to the same value (in this example, 16ths) beacuse hopefully your kick, snare, hats, etc will all be near enough to the right 16th note!
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I don't have BFD, but I can see 2 potential problems in your file:


1. Overlapping notes. It may not be a problem with BFD, but sorting it out makes things a lot easier to deal with, visually. Highlight all notes in the matrix editor and select Functions > Note length > Note overlap correction for repeated notes.


2. There appears to be some double-triggering of some notes. For instance, on F#1, bar 4 beat 4, and bar 5 beat 2 - after quantizing to 16ths, the second hit of the double hit is getting quantized to the wrong position, so that'll sound off.


Does any of that help?


Edit - just realised you're on Logic Express - I'm not sure if the Note overlap correction exists in Express...

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A quick tip -


Use the quantize tool - It looks like a Q.


You'll have to quantize your different parts accordingly.

Also, you might want to get the Akai MPC quantize files.



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You might want to grab the ends of your midi notes and shorten them a bit.

That sort of overlap usualy only happens when you have a long sustain on your notes.

"I'm not sayin - I'm just sayin . . . ."

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