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unwanted delay when recording


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When ever i record audio through a mic ther is a large amount of chorusing, slight echo going on. no matter what i do it is still there. my set up

mac pro desktop 266 3 gig 2 hard drives

mackie 1402 vlz

gr mp2nv into a lucid ad and cloced with a lucid genx6

the interface are motu 828 mll and digi 002

mics u87 ,akg414,rode nt2.

Even if i disconnect everything and just go mic to interface still the same problem. tried changing buffer settings but still a no go.There are no effects in the chain or on any channels. Help really appreciated.I don't know if having both interfaces hooked up to the mac at the same time could cause this, but i am not using them at the same time.

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I apologize, I merely scanned your post and then replied.


I've learned my lesson.


Stupid me.


Ok, so you already changed buffer size.


This might help:


Try storing your data on a different drive then the one running Logic.

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Mute the software output on the channel temporarily. Use your interfaces internal (and often near-zero latency) mixer to send sound out to be monitored.


If you are trying to track with effects then do the reverse, mute the interface's mixer out and route the audio ONLY through logic.

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