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LPX: Script for changing MIDI channel by Key


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This is a variant of the Program Change to MIDI channel script that was requested. It changes MIDI channel in response to configurable keyswitches (MIDI notes)



Some Notes --


After unzipping, save the attachment in your local plugin setting folder.

( your_home/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-in Settings/Scripter )


The default of -1 means no keyswitch for this channel.


The same MIDI note number mapped to more than one channel obviously will not work and so is disallowed. This means if you try to slowly increment up to (e.g.) 36 for channel 1, then slowly incremnt up to 37 for channel 2, channel 2 will be set to -1 (no keyswitch) when you hit 36. Use the fader to go above then incremnt down. Experiment.


Any track using this script should have its MIDI channel set to ALL.


The software instrument must be configured to respond as you would like.


I have tested this some. Please reply with the results of your tests.




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I do not know what you mean by "doing automation by increment of the numbers".


What I was doing is not as elaborate as the video you linked to. In particular, I am not using automation.


What I am doing, which may not be what you are interested in, is using MIDI note messages in the MIDI data to change the MIDI channel that will be in other MIDI messages after that note (the "keyswitch"). For example, I am using Garritan Personal orchestra and have a part where a musician sometimes plays a flute and sometimes a piccolo. On a General MIDI instrument I could change a program used by a track by placing a program change message at an appropriate time in the track. GPO does not implement program changes, but does implement different instruments (or variants of one instrument - arco vs pizz on strings) on different MIDI channels. So, initially I used a script to intercept program change messages and set the channel for following messages per the program number. The current script simply intercepts some note on messages and sets the MIDI channel of following messages per the configuration.


If the video is a good example of what you looking for, I'm afraid my script is not it. I do not plan to duplicate the work shown in the video.


Sorry if this does not help.



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I may eventually buy the AG Toolkit.




Dude, just get the AG Toolkit.... It takes all the work out of trying to do this stuff by yourself and it has tons of other features. Best thing I ever did... Now I spend more time writing and working as opposed to figuring all this stuff out.

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