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Apple Loops & Plug-Ins


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Hi, just spent all night getting logic 7.2 pro back onto my mac and it wasnt nice!...As well as messing up all my plug in settings which I did correct later & scratching my new £35 Logic 7.2 content disc which is beyond repair, ooh & a kernel crash everything seems ok...I bought at the same time some apple loops from the apple website (Norman Cook) at the same time i bought my Logic crossgrade (7.2) & I was under the impression that there was some type of installer so when you went to the loop browser they would all be there in order but no... its just full of folders with apple loop icons...The big question is where do they go & how are you supposed to use them? Also there seems to be a plug in faded out "Ducker" Is that norm to be faded out?



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