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getting RF interference noise from video monitor?

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I've been using a MacBook Pro and then got some Genelec speakers. Great sound even though I'm just taking the output from the macs 1/8" out.


Problem: I just bought a 22" video monitor and whenever I plug in the DVI cable to connect the video monitor I hear what I'm guessing is RF interference noise in the audio speaker. I tried a better grade of DVI cable but no difference. It's really loud!


Should I rush back to return the monitor or do all video monitors do this? BTW I get the same noise when I plug in the USB cable for my printer - but as I didn't need to print and work on audio simultaneously that wasn't a problem.


Is there a fix? Shielding? The Genelec speakers are not the newist - do newer speakers have more shielding? Maybe routing audio through a firewire or USB device would do the trick but I won't be able to get to one for a few days.


What do you do with your setups?



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