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Can't hear piano roll triggered notes in matrix editor

Ed Devane

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just today I got this problem and have no idea why it happened. If it's a preference then I don't know which one it is but something changed since the last time I used Logic (7). I use it every day and the fact that I can't hear which notes/samples I want to use in my Matrix editor is a major hinderance.


Help please!!!

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Ok I've tested this now in different projects and the same thing is happening. When I restarted my Powerbook a project that I was working on a few days ago worked fine but then when I went to the new one I made today, and any subsequent projects (including the one that worked on restart), the same problem.


The odd thing is that when I open the test sequence in the score and hyper editors the notes work fine when triggered with the mouse, so it's just the most important editor to me that doesn't work. I've tried different synths and instances of EXS24 (including the load sine wave) to no avail.


Does anyone here know of a UK pay telephone help line, or is that dealt with now exclusively by Apple? I hope not as I'm no longer covered and I don't want to pay 50 euro for their limited support. I seem to remember the main Emagic dealer in the UK having a helpline years ago but can't remember the name.

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Not sure if i completely understand what you mean so here goes....


Are you refering to not being able to hear the notes when you click on the notes in the matrix editor? But you can in the hyper editor & they play back ok?


If so, then check on the left of the hyper editor to make sure the button with "out" and a cable above it is on (blue). This enables you to hear the midi note when you click/move it around the matrix editor.







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