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Set Audio Path Troubles


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Here's on of the more frustating ones:

Logic in a TDM system, Mac OS10.4.8 Logic 7.2.1 ProTools 7.1.cs10

Pro App Support 3 Mac Dual 1.42GHZ G4 FW800, LaCie 250 MB for the BFD samples, G-Raid 1TB for audio:



Set audio path does not actually change the Record Path, I have to manually

delete audio path and re-set for every new instrument pass, I'm printing the MIDI and soft synths for later export to Pro Tools for the mix and additional recording.

before i found the problem, recorded audio was just disappearing into the twilight zone and the tracks all had the same name. gets very expensive for the

guy paying the bills as it eats up a lot of time.


Another one is that the EXS-24 gets noisy like when loading the Yamaha Grand and hitting higher velocities or using the sustain. distortion makes the track unusable. Then there's BFD. Some times the Drums are cracking up right out of the box, and we can typically not load more than one BFD track at a time. I really like BFD. I need to know more about this than i do at present. We usually load BFD Stereo only as more bigger sets just seem to be noisy or hissy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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