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Pre-composed drum tracks

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You can find many songs programmed for midi. There are thousands freely available on the internet, but their is no guarantee of their quality.


Depending on how much you're willing to pay, a decent drummer with an electronic kit could probably do that fairly easy. It's not something I've ever seen advertised though... a gap in the market perhaps?

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There are also paid sites for midi, like this one: http://www.songgalaxy.com/Midi/Meat-Loaf/Bat-Out-Of-Hell/HO0658.html


They give samples of their stuff, but you need to be able to ignore the awful GM synth sounds and concentrate on if the parts are written correctly. Once you get the file into Logic, you can use Logic's instruments to make it sound much better.

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For a while I used RMX,, they sat in in with mix... I think the new Drummer, has a lot more to offer, than what we see on the surface

I used to take midi drum tracks from other songs, patch up where necessary. I also like Superior Drums.. method of tones of 1 bar links... I drag them all onto a track, and re-arrange and repeat for consistency .


Sometimes I finish the song. Mute the drum and start over, with new drums and get great results. I don't care for premixed drums, unless you get each individidual instrument on each track.. All too often stereo drums are not mixed to my satisfaction..


I have found Drumagog, and Steven Slater Trigger to offer great sounding drums replacement sounds, The sound different is s sometimes amazing, and really makes a piece sound like a real record.

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