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Read out key range with scripter?


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Hey people,


I just realized, that scripter seems to be a powerful plugin.

Anyways I didn't find a "detailed" tutorial to the scripter. I found the documentation of apple called "mainstage effects" and it says a bit about the scripter. But I'm wondering (for example), which parameters is the scripter able to get with the function GetParameters? There is no list in the internet, which shows the possible or processable parameters.


The main thing I'm interested in:

Mainstage has a pretty good workflow. But it's anoying that it's not possible to assign the learn-buttons for key ranges to buttons. This would be nice, if I can create two buttons that handle this.


And another thing:

Is the scripter able to read out the key range which is set in the channelstrip and send it out the lowest and highest key as single CC command? (I'm right now into creating a key-light-system, based on to what Native Instruments implemented in their new keyboards).


Thank you very much,


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