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My setup suggestions and help

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Hey Guys ive just spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on getting my studio set up at home. im new to this all i come from a djing background and have just started producing. so now that ive finally got everything i want im straight away going into recovery mode experiencing many problems.


So this is the parts of my setup i think need to be considered....


1.57 GHz PPC Mac Mini 1GB Ram

External Firewire/USB HD

M-Audio Fast Track Pro


I also have a 1.67GHz PPC Powerbook that i chose to keep seperate from the audio setup.


These are my thoughts.....


Thinking of selling the Powerbook and the mac mini for a new G5 as i already have a display. I am not really experiencing problems with my computer other than the occasional Core Audio error but thats to be expected on a mac mini.


The REAL issue is my audio interface ive brought it up in another topic at the moment but just bringing it up again cause i really need as much opinion as i can get....


Ive learnt USB is not the way to go from my experience with fast track pro, so should i change my External HD to the USB port in order to run the new audio interface through firewire or will this slow down the HD too much?

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so basicallly what im asking for here is you guys to convince me i dont need a new computer and just send me in the direction of solving ALL my problems with a inexpensive yet reliable new audio interface.....


ps where the hell can i get rid of this god damn M-Audio unit!!!!


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