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Question for david...


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First of all i love your Industrial Psycho House Trance track..very kool!!


My question is, how the hell do you get your arrange page to look the way it looks on your screenshot, is it a secrect or am i just inexperianced??

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Thanks for the kind words!!




Well.. a few things I've used:


• View > Plain Background (specify the color in your preferences, I have it set to black).

• View > Track Automation (tracks are resized so only certain tracks show automation).

• Hold Option as you choose Windows > Arrange to open it as a floating window.

• Resize the top left area to suppress track list and minimize bar ruler.

• Add a SMPTE transport window at the bottom.

• Use markers, certain ones with an extra line so they appear as a thinner bar in the marker track, which indicate the softer parts of the track.


.... any other question? 8)

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thanks for showing me how to do this dude.


One other question..


I have just brought the two logic pro training books because i want to learn more about logic and its enviroments. Do any of these show you how to set up an external analogue mixer(mines a mackie 1604) with logic??


Do you know of any websites etc to help me figure this because i ve only ever used computers up until now so my knowlegde of setting up hardware with software is very basic.

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I like your black background, but how do you work w/o grid lines?

I don't! This isn't my working screenset, this is one of my screensets that I like to use for global arrangement or when listening to the song. I also use it for some automation work.


I have another screenset with a regular arrange, non-floating, grid showing and track list showing.

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