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Signal Chain question

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Hello, folks. Looking into some new studio equipment. Thinking about an analog board. Still want to use Logic Pro. My question is about the signal chain.

For example, is this how I would setup the routing:

Instruments ---> Board ---> Motu 24 I/o (or something like it) --->

Logic Pro ---> ??? ---> ???

That is where I am not sure of the route. I want to sum through my analog board to get that sound, but then where do I go? Back into the Mac or into some kind of external recorder? If the ladder of the two - what type or kind of recorder?


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I want to sum through my analog board to get that sound

Is that the only reason you're getting an analog board? Which one? Most inexpensive analog boards won't give you that sound. If you really want analog summing sound you might be happier with an analog summing box.


Usually the routing goes:


Instrument -> Mixer -> Interface/Logic/Interface -> Mixer -> Monitors.


If you want to re-record the outputs of your Mixer, you'd have to route its main outputs back to some of the inputs on your Interface.

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Hey, David!

Thanks for the response. As for the board, I have been looking at a Toft ATB 32.

I am interested in the board for a few reasons, one of which is to get that sound. I am of the impression that keeping everything insde Logic is ok, but you may get some added flavor if you go out of Logic, then into a ..... well, check out this quote:

To get that classic sound, sometimes you’ve got to use some classic outboard gear. Machine runs audio from Logic Pro through an SSL summing compressor or a Manley tube mixer. “I can use them as the stereo bus and the summing amps,” he says. “Instead of summing in the computer, I’m summing in the Manley or the SSL. It gives the music a different kind of headroom, a different texture and overlay.”


Now please don't misunderstand me ... I am not doing the mixer thing 'because this guy does it' or whatever. I am doing it because I want to use Logic as my "multi-track" recorder & editor, then dump it back into the analog world so I can obtain (what I believe would be) a product closer to what I am looking for. Thanks a lot for your valuable input, David.

Take care!



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