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Mini control surface for Logic 5.5.1


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I've been using Logic Platinum on PC very happily for years, but I've moved my studio around, and now find that controlling Logic with my keyboard is getting difficult. I really like the look of the small control surfaces that you can get, e.g. the Presonus faderport, but they don't work with older versions of Logic.


Does anyone know of a similar, perhaps older midi product that might do the job? I just want to be able to play/record/mix a little bit without all the hassle!





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hey, you might be intrested in the Behringer - BCF 2000.

Here is a review by Dancetech, download the video, you'll understand more.



anyway, for the needes you discribe, it's seem that any midi product will do the job for you, all you need to do is learn how to config logic for the job.


Go to the key command (ctrl + alt + k) look for "Record", Press the "Learn Midi" function and change any midi pameter you have on the keybord (Modulation wheel, Program change, Octave shift or other knobs or buttons).


Thats it! :P



I have the BCR 2000 by Behringer. I like it, I use it for my SCOPE platform mostly but as you will see on the videos, you can config it for any use.


Elad :)

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