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Scoring for a scene, changing tempo

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Hi Friends,


I am a newbie composer, I am composing music for a trailer of a film of around 2.5 mins. I have composed a theme of one bar, which needs to run in the entire score. When I started I composed with tempo 64 BMP and the score mapped to film perfectly. Now I realized the tempo is bit slow, and feel needs to be tempo to be 72 to sound better. Now while I am tring to change the arrangement with this tempo, I am not very happy since the score is not perfectly matching to the scenes and the emotions I wrote it .


I am in a dilemma now, how to go ahead on this. Any suggestions will be highly helpful.






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Tempo changes are your best friend during scoring to picture! Even if it's within the same cue. Often times whether I'm scoring a film or a trailer, I will use tempo changes like crazy if needed to make sure I'm with the picture / scene still. Even if it's not massive tempo jumps, if going from 64 bpm to something higher as @sonsofnarcissus said above, then definitely do it!
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