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es2 - vector question


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okay I don't think I understand the vector engine. It's supposed to be a timeline that sweeps between up to 15 xy and mix settings, right? So how the * can I get it to move?


I've tried activating a couple of points setting different loop and sustain points, but the only sound that's coming out is of the point that is selected.


I thought you could activate it like an extra LFO controlling mix+xy over time? Am I wrong, or is my question understood?


Thanks in advance!



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but seriously: WOW! finally enabling the vector engine really gives the synth SO much more potential - which was huge enough without it - but a plethora of sounds open now!

The vector really is so much better than the general LFO, and I'm doing some Kipper styled synth sounds these days, and by using the vector is just... WOW!! maybe I could post some presets when I'm "done" with the sounds...


You're never quite done with any sound... you just have to tweak them a wee bit :)

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