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two ways to crash logic...


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Well, there's two things I do that makes logic crach 2 times out of 3.

first, when I drag an audio file from the finder to the arrange, on the way to the arrange window, it freezes and crach.

Second trick is with ultrabeat. That perticular spot on u.beat is where you adjust the level of that instrument ( snare, second chanel from bottom)

at the left side where are listed the instruments. Adjusting level with that blue draw bar will crash logic 2 times out 3...

Have you experienced the same behavior ??

what causes that ??

thanks for help.

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I have occasionally, but rarely crashed when drag and dropping audio files from the Finder.


I have repeatedly crashed by trying to adjust the level of a voice with the blue slider in Ultrabeat. Here are my thoughts: In Ultrabeat, when you click and drag on the blue bar, you're adjusting the level. If you click-hold for a while, then after a fraction of a second, you're able to drag and drop the voice onto another voice. Maybe there's a point in between when Ultrabeat can't decide whether you're going to adjust the level or drag the whole voice? I have found that if I click and immediately start adjusting the level, I don't usually crash.

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I've had the drag and drop crash often as well.

I found that if Logic is the front window when you drag it won't crash. But if the finder is the front window then it will. So get your finder window set to where you see the file you want, then click back on a Logic window and then grab the file and d & d it.


I've actually started using the add audio function in the Audio window and have had much better luck. I've never had a crash drag & droping it from here.

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