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time-machine/new region/help me get this sound etc. . .


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Could someone help me to get that over-used vocal stretching sound? I'm trying to get a vocal sample of the word "slow" to sound "ssssllllooo ooo oo o o o ow". . know what I meen?. . .


My first reaction was to select the region and open it in the time machine and experiment by setting it to different bpms. The first problem I ran into was that I need to create a new region so that it doesn't effect the sample in the rest of the track. When I opened time machine it asked me if I wanted to make a new audio file so I said yes. After changing the bpm, all of the original regions in my song where effected anyway. :(


I guess I can just solo and bounce. call the file something else then import my bounced file and try and stretch that but there MUST be a better way then that. . .


Also, time machine didn't give me the desired effect. I will try importing into esx1 and playing it a few octaves down. I guess this will work.


Can anyone tell me how to get that effect? I can't think of an example in another song off the top of my head.


I hope this question isn't too criptic! :oops:

Thank you.

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you could open that region in a new template and do the bounce to the tempo you wanted.


you could open the file in the sample editor and do a function > time stretch


you can stretch in the arrange by using the stretch region to locator's function.



you could use melodyne, radius both are 3rd party and cost money, but you have to do the same way as above when using these tools.



there are many ways. you can even use the exs24 sampler.



good luck.

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