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Logic X sending continuous midi notes to Korg Kronos X


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I'm relatively new to using Logic X. Up until recently, I was not having much problems, but a couple of days ago, I started having problems when I open a file.


I have a Kronos connected to Logic, and now when I open a project, i start getting a continuous quarter note being played on the Kronos even when no tracks are running. Additional random notes also play when I do things like click on things like the file menu, and when I switch projects, I get a message box saying the number of midi inputs have changed. (from either 2 to 3 or the reverse depending on the project I open).


As far as changes I've made recently, I did briefly remove the Kronos from my setup and replaced it temporarily with a Roland FA 06. I downloaded and installed the Roland driver, and then attempted to setup the built-in DAW control. And it was at that point that the random sound problem started to happen, so I uninstalled the Roland driver, removed the FA and went back to my Kronos. (which hasn't had any changes made to it).


It seems pretty clear to me that I screwed something up when messing with the FA, but I am at a loss as to what that might be. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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