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Is it possible to let one synth to use multiple core?


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I recently tried the demo of Dune 2. It is an amazing synth. But in LPX, most of the presets cause pop and click even with 512 latency setting. Obviously Dune 2 is a CPU hog. Since one instance of Dune 2 always is processed by one of the CPU cores, the only way I could think of how to use Dune 2 smoothly is multi-core processing one instance of Dune 2. Is it possible in LPX? Or I misunderstood how CPU works. I mean I checked in Geekbench http://browser.primatelabs.com/mac-benchmarks, and found out that even i7's single core performance is not much higher than my i5's. Which convinces me (maybe wrongly) that upgrading my Macbook to a more recently model wouldn't help much.
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