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How can I make this vocal pitch bend cleaner?


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Hey all,


I've been trying to figure out how to do CLEAN vocal pitch bends.

I'm trying to mimic something in this song:




Starts at :58. Notice how he pitches way past an octave but the vocal holds the same amount of time. It doesn't become all chipmunky. It rings out and sounds clear as it moves up.


A faster example of a clean pitch bend:


Starts at 1:02



Here is a video of me trying to do the same thing:



First I take the phrase "Love You"

Throw it into an EXS24 and try to play the keys. As you can hear, as I move past 5-6 semitones or even try to get to one octave, the phrases last less than half a second, are inaudible, and sounds like someone scratching a record really quickly...


How do I fix this and get clean, clear, pitch-bending vocals that hold out?


Thank you!

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Didnt watch all of the vids u posted. But i think i know what your getting at as i know these tracks, we have a v similar taste in music!


The key is to use the loop function in EXS24. Not in front of logic right now but basically u right click inside the sample editor and it will give the extra option 'loop'. u set the length and as u continue to hold the key it will loop the specified part until u let go. Using fade in out u can make the looping almost invisible!


I have done this in this track from 48 secs in:


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Hey man.


1st off just had a listen to the original tunes u posted. In actual fact the dj snake one is literally the vocal chucked into a sampler - nothing else. The reason the lengths are the same is because the note lengths in his daw are the same, and seeing as he's working at a pitch lower then the original sample, he has more length to play the lower he goes. Sample is changing speed on each note!


So refering to the cashmere cat one, it is the technique i described before.


Not sure what u were doing with the sample function in the video, but its not that anyway. See attached img, this shows how to open loop interface in exs.


Set the loop to a very short portion of the sample and use xfade to make the repetition seamless. Id try on a sample saying 'aah' or something so u can imitate Cashmere cat and then go from there. Also CC is using portamento to bend between the notes.





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