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LPX Basic Installer Stuck (some help on fixing)


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First, a little background --


On my laptop (not my main machine), I upgrade to OSX Yosemite last month. After the past 5 weeks of the famed internet/wi-fi problems (no connection, lost connections, etc), I decided to downgrade back into OSX Mavericks.


This is when the problem started: -- download Logic Pro X from the App Store, but the installer gets stuck at "basic content installation". The installer puts up a warning that "the internet connection has failed" and drops the installation... always after downloading content for about 10 minutes.


The problem is well-described here: http://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=97109


However, the solution offered (booting in safe-mode) didn't work. Installation still stalled, etc.


So here's how I fixed the issue in case someone else needs this info --


1) Booted in normal mode


2) Launched the App Store, began "download" of Logic Pro X


-- **Installer stalls ** -- (as usual)


3) Looked in the Applications folder to see if Logic Pro X was there, it was not. (eeeek!)


4) Opened "Launchpad" -- Logic Pro X is there!!


5) Click on LPX in Launchpad, which opens the Application in the dock and asks to "download basic content". (don't do this)


6) Control-Click the LPX icon in the dock; in the pop-up menu, go to "Options", then "Show In Finder".


7) Drag the LPX Icon that is now being shown in the finder to the /Applications folder.


8) From there, open the LPX Application again, resume downloads of Content.


9) Rejoice! It Works!! :)


I sincerely hope that this helps anyone who is having the same problems that I was while backing back down from Yosemite - or even trying to download/install LPX on Yosemite. I had issues with that installation, as well, and these steps may indeed help with that too. :idea:

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