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Problem importing EXS instruments into Ultrabeat


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Hi people,


It's my first time posting here, normally Google is my savior but this has been bugging me for months and I can't see anyone else out there who's had the same problem!


Here's my situation:


I am on Logic 9.1.8 with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on a 2007 white Macbook.


Why do I want to import instruments from EXS to Ultrabeat? Because doing so would enable me to tweak individual drum hits rather than effecting the whole EXS instrument all at once. As well as being able to use Ultrabeat's step sequencer on my own unique sounds rather than the stock Ultrabeat kits that everyone else also has.


However, when I follow the instructions set out here (https://documentation.apple.com/en/logicstudio/instruments/index.html#chapter=15%26section=5%26tasks=true) I get mixed results. Some EXS instruments will play when dragged into Ultrabeat; others will lag about 5 seconds between the time I hit the midi keyboard and hear a sound; while other EXS instruments will make no sound at all!! It all seems rather glitchy.


There is no problem playing back the stock standard Ultrabeat kits. Just the ones I try to import from EXS24.


Any help would be much appreciated!



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EXS24 and Ultrabeat are two different plugins.

You have to be aware that some samples will not be audible in Ultrabeat if not pitched correctly. Using the oscillator's pitch slider to adjust the playback pitch could solve the issue.

Some samples have long attack or contains leading silence, which could require to be trimmed before being used in Ultrabeat. Besides, adjusting the velocity layer or the amplitude envelope could be useful depending of the sample loaded.

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Cheers for the response Atlas,


As far as I can tell it is not to do with the pitch of anything; and yes I understand they are 2 different plugins! The reason I am trying to use EXS24 files in Ultrabeat is to take advantage of its sequencer and it's ability to tweak individual drum hits (something which can't be done in EXS).


There's a major glitch in here somewhere and I'm wondering if buying a new Mac is the solution?

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