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Logic 9 can't export 24 bit ALAC?


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I can't quite believe it, but on export the file specs are all un-selectable (Original Bit depth) etc. It still erroneously exports a 16 bit file from a 24 bit one...


Am I missing something?

I thought this would have been a great way to do some big file transfers and archiving with tar or the like.

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You mean did I check in the output bounce menu for the PCM settings?

They are always set to 24, and I see they still are.


Or f you mean the PCM settings in the bin/file menu, yes, they work fine (24 bit). I did a test export of all formats.


Are you saying you can export 24 bit ALAC on your system?


Fun to see the Lossless AND compressed AAC formats share the same file .m4a suffix. :oops:

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Me neither, except...

ALAC: Apple Lossless Audio Codec.


Non-Lossy data compression.


The advantages are big file size reductions with no loss... Archival, transfer - everything I already said - and you don't really want to lose bit depth for no reason when the format supports it.


If it can compress much better than zipped PCM files... It could be a great way to swap mults.

I think it t would be astonishingly stupid if Apple's own Logic can't do it at 24 bit - so I'm hoping there's something I overlooked.

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Logic can bounce 24 bit ALAC, but it cannot export it. You can only export unencoded audio.

I don't know why that is, though.


To still achieve what you want:


1. Export all your tracks as Audio Files. Make sure the Add To Audio Bin box is checked.

(Scroll down pic)




2. In the Project Audo Browser (Audio Bin), select all files you want to compress lossless



(Scroll down)


3. Select Copy/Convert from the menu. Set the various parameters.




(Scroll down pic)




4. Hit it! And voilá:



(Scroll down)

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Thx - Darn it.

That's exactly what I did and I'm getting 16 bit files - I normally use the copy/convert menu to "export" audio. I guess it's something else that doesn't work in LP9...




Check the file sizes too. Lossless ALAC at 16 bit seems to be the same size as AIF 24 bit, in this instance.

Too weird.


Thanks for that great response!

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