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Logic 9 - Record a Live Show with Sound Effects?


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Hey everyone:


I'm working my way through David's book and learning Logic as I go. I'm fairly comfortable with it, but I still come up with questions from time to time.


Anyway, I'm involved in the production of a children's program at our church. I'm going to run the sound through my Saffire Interface and Logic to mix it all and to add a few sound effects and some music during the production. This made me wonder, can I actually record the broadcast?


My plan is this: I'll have somewhere between 5 and 8 mics put in, each on their own input channel. Then I've got a few sound effects, each sitting on its own track, mostly for level balancing. My plan was originally just to move the play head to the beginning of the first sound effect and then play it and move along as the program progresses and manually move the playhead where it needs to be before each sound. However, if I do it this way, I don't know how I would record it since I'll have to jockey the play head along with the pace of the production.


Is there an easier way to do this and come away with audio? Other advice? Thanks!

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